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Manufacturer: Capcom
Year: 1998
Orientation: Horizontal 25"
Type: Raster
Genre: Fighting
Conversion Class: Capcom CPS II - JAMMA
Controls: Joystick (8 way)
Buttons (6)
Download Manual Name Manual Number Date
PDF Icon Marvel Vs Capcom Operators Manual PM00206 Jan 1998

SOLD at DFW Auction on 26 April 2019 ($700 Hammer Price)

I've owned this game for a very long time. I'm not sure but I think this might have been my very fist JAMMA game. I purchased it in the summer of 2007 at one of the Super Auctions in Mesquite, TX for $150. The control panel was in terrible shape and the game barely worked. You could hardly see the picture in the monitor. I wish I had a before picture, but I can't find one. I eventually got around to completely rebuilding it and put in new joysticks, buttons, and a new CPO. Here's what the CP looked like right after I rebuilt it.

Control Panel Rebuilt

I think it turned out awesome.

Monitor Rebuilt

I just rebuilt the K7000 monitor and it now has a stunning picture.

Shrink wrapped

Now it's all wrapped up and ready for storage. I think I'm getting ready to sell this one. I think we've played it to death.