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Hantarex MTC-900E
Manufacturer: Hantarex International Limited
Year: 1981
Type: Monitor
Download Manual Name Manual Number Date
PDF Icon Hantarex Service Manual - USA None Jun 1982
PDF Icon Hantarex Service Manual - Europe None Sep 1984
PDF Icon Hantarex MTC-900E Wellness Guide HAN-MTC-900E 23 Dec 2018

I recently picked up a lot of five monitors at an auction and two of them were Hantarex MTC-900E monitors. These two Hantarex monitors have ZERO burn in. However, they both look like they've been sitting outside in the weather. Other than looking for screen burn, I really didn't inspect them at all...other than recognizing they were raster monitors. To be honest, until I got them home, I didn't even know what brand of monitor they were. I have never owned or worked on a Hantarex monitor before. These two were mixed in with a couple of Wells Gardner K4900's and a K4600. After I got them home, I picked one of these "unidentified" monitors up and put it up on the bench for a closer look.

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Hantarex 1
This is what I have to work with.
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Hantarex 2
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Hantarex 3
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Hantarex 4
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Hantarex 5
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Hantarex 6
Looks to me there is a lot of hair, cobwebs, spiders, grime, leaves, dirt, and filth covering all of it. Just the way I like it. Let the disassembly begin.
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Hantarex 7
Pulling the neck, interface, and deflection boards out of the chassis, I can get a closer look. This monitor has definitely seen better days. I also noticed the neck board has a few fractures in it. I was hoping for better news. But it's nothing I can't work with/fix.
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Hantarex 8
Thank goodness the neck is not damaged. I can repair the neck board, the neck is a different story.
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Hantarex 9
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Hantarex 10
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Hantarex 11
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Hantarex 12
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Hantarex 13
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Hantarex 14
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Hantarex 15
I have two new flybacks on order. I only want to rebuild this monitor once. It's doubtful that I'll find replacements for those resistors mounted on the sides of the chassis. Hopefully both of them are in working condition.
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Hantarex 16
The board is so dirty, I took a Q-Tip with Isopropyl alcohol on it and rubbed across the NE04 silk screen on the board. You can see the difference from clean and dirty.
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Hantarex 17
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Hantarex 18
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Hantarex 19
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Hantarex 20
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Hantarex 22
Flipping the neck board over, I outlined (in red) where the board is fractured. There was a lot of flux on the solder side of this board. That white residue is left over soap. In this picture, it looks like the top left portion of the board is also cracked (following the trail of soap residue. But I cleaned that all off with alcohol and now it's shiny. The board is not cracked all the way to the top left corner.

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I am currently awaiting parts to come in so I can finish this rebuild.